Sexual wellness was an essential requirement of many ancient cultures, and herbs were an essential part of it. Semenax ingredients are composed of these natural herbs and amino acids. Only now does the modern scientific world know about these herbs and have recently started experimenting with them, that we pack together in Semenax and bring it to you. Even their tests are proving that these Semenax ingredients are factors powerful enough to revive the male reproductive system in innumerable ways.
RxSemenax® Ingredients
The pollen will improve the semen quality in men remarkably and significantly reduce the National Institute of Health – Chronic Prostatitis Symptom Index (NIH-CPSI). Apart from playing an essential role in improving men’s reproduction, it also helps in effectively restoring & regulating other biological systems in the body.
L-Arginine actively participates in the formation of sperms by playing a part in the metabolism process of sperm production. L-Arginine is thus an essential ingredient for improving sperm health, count and motility.
L-Lysine, another amino acid when deficient, can cause erectile dysfunction, impotence, and a reduced penis volume. Regular refurbishment of L-lysine will help in improving semen quality, and appropriate testosterone production
Epimedium sagittatum/ horny goat weed is capable of inducing increased sperm production, sensory nerve stimulation, arousal, and increased sexual desires. It even impacts testosterone levels significantly.
Known to boost libido, it is known to be another potential cure for erectile dysfunction. An aphrodisiac, Butea superba is used by Thai men for enhancing their sexual performance.
L-carnitine is known to improve erection duration and strength. It also pumps increased blood to the pelvic organs thereby boosting performance levels in men.
Do not forget that our cGMP compliance is the same as the one used by retailers like Walmart for manufacturing life-saving drugs.
Raw materials are quality tested and only the pure ones are used in production.
Just ask us and we will produce our certificate of analysis happily for our customers to prove their safety, efficacy, and authenticity levels.
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Semenax works by nourishing the three semen-secreting glands of men.